Matt Ryan

Dan Dakich makes Outrageous Matt Ryan Claim

Dan Dakich is a radio personality in Indianapolis that has made an outrageous claim about Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

While Dakich isn’t directly saying that the Indianapolis Colts and Atlanta Falcons are in talks for a deal for Ryan, the insinuation is there for all to see… and ridicule.

Ryan’s cap number for 2021 should he be moved is roughly $40M, or roughly 22% of the entire Falcons salary cap. the Falcons would have to get a Herschel Walker type of offer to even consider eating that much salary.

In short, the odds of Ryan moving in 2021 are slim and none. The prevailing thought is this is simply a negotiating tactic to leak “interest” in another quarterback as the Colts and Eagles have been in talks for Carson Wentz.

Several reporters who cover the Atlanta Falcons took to Twitter to comment on Dakich’s claim. The most damning coming from the ever conservative Orlando Ledbetter of the AJC.

To be fair, there was another Matt Ryan in the news in the last few weeks who made a highly publicized move… in England. Maybe Dakich got them confused?

On a more realistic note, the name Mac Jones has been shooting up the draft boards. We mentioned him as a trade down possibility last week.

Scott Kennedy
Scott Kennedy is an Atlanta native and 20 year media veteran including time as Director of Scouting at, Managing Editor at 247Sports, VP Content Operations at Sports Illustrated and more. Scott has appeared as a recruiting and NFL Draft analyst on dozens of media including ESPN, NFL Network, USA Today, NY Times, and more.