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Dante Fowler Gambles on Himself with Incredible New Contract

Dante Fowler restructured his contract last week, and he now has an incentive laden contract that is incredible.

The Atlanta Falcons and Fowler came to an agreement to lower his base salary in 2021 and help get Atlanta under the salary cap.

While his maximum compensation of $14M from his previous contract is still lower, Fowler has an incentive based contract that should provide, well, incentive to produce.

Fowler lowered his base salary to $6M in 2021, but has achievable bonuses based on the number of sacks he gets.

Zach Klein reported the numbers on Twitter.

Five sacks would be worth $200K each, and each two sacks after that would be worth $1M.

Would you get after the quarterback for $500K per sack?

The Falcons are betting that Dante Fowler will, and Dante Fowler has bet on himself with this contract.

Fowler had 11.5 sacks in 2019 with the Rams but only three last season. If Fowler can max out his contract in 2021 with 11 sacks, the Falcons are going to be much, much better on defense.

Scott Kennedy
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