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Deion Sanders Goes Viral With Message to Atlanta Falcons

Deion Sanders is one of a kind. But within the next couple years, his sons could play in the NFL just as he did a generation ago.

If it were up to Sanders, he’d prefer his sons play for the Atlanta Falcons. At least that’s what he implied in a video that has gone viral on social media.

In the video, Sanders was having fun with Falcons scout, Rich Sanders, who appeared to be visiting Colorado. Although they are not related, Deion referred to Rich as his “name brother.”

Deion then asked Rich to tell the camera what he told him.

“We ain’t coming back unless we bringing the Sanders boys to the A. Both of them.”

With enthusiasm, Deion afterwards said, “How do you all feel about that? Hey, how do you all feel about that?”

Of course, Deion is referring to his two sons who currently play for Colorado. His eldest of the two, Shilo, plays safety while the younger son, Shedeur, starts at quarterback.

Shedeur experienced success playing for his dad in high school and at Jackson State, but questions remained about how he would perform against the highest collegiate level.

At Colorado this season, Shedeur has averaged 7.9 yards per pass with a 72.7% completion percentage. He also has 16 touchdowns versus only 2 interceptions.

Shilo has done well in his first season at Colorado as well. In five games, he has posted 32 total tackles, forced a fumble and intercepted a pass he returned for a touchdown.

How Desmond Ridder performs the rest of the season will influence whether the Falcons are in the quarterback market next offseason. But judging by how popular Deion remains in Atlanta, there’s little doubt that Falcons fans would like having either Sanders son, or both, come to Atlanta once they begin their NFL careers.

“It will be good for the A,” Rich Sanders said to conclude the video. “Good for the city.”