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Desmond Ridder Fires Message: ‘We’re Gonna Be Pretty Explosive’

According to the national media, the Atlanta Falcons have what John Madden used to call a “Yeah, but.” The Falcons have all these offensive weapons, but Desmond Ridder is the team’s quarterback.

Ridder didn’t address those critics during an interview on NFL Network’s Good Morning, Football. Instead, he spent the May 22 interview hyping the Falcons’ offensive weapons.

“As an offense, you look for explosive plays, and get ’em anyway you can, whether that’s to Drake (London), whether that’s to Kyle (Pitts), a guy like Jonnu (Smith), Mack Hollins, it doesn’t matter,” Ridder said. “But then when you can just hand the ball off and give it to a guy like Tyler Allgeier or Bijan or C.P. (Cordarrelle Patterson) and let them go, it just makes my job a lot easier.

“[Then] when they drafted Bijan, I just knew that this offense has something to be explosive. We’re able to go out there, and whether it’s the run game, pass game, play-action, doesn’t matter, we think that we’re gonna be pretty explosive.”

That potential explosiveness has Falcons fans excited. The team could not only be fun to watch but should compete in a wide open NFC South.

The question mark on offense is Ridder. But he shared how much it meant to him that the organization is putting their trust in him.

“Obviously throughout the offseason, you hear all the talks and everything,” Ridder said. “But just knowing from them, that they have my full trust and respect, that they know that I can go out here and lead our team, it means everything to me.”

This fall, Ridder will be entering his first full season as an NFL starter. In four starts at the end of last season, Ridder posted a 2-2 record. He also had a 63.5% completion percentage and 6.2 yards per attempt average.

Ridder recorded 2 touchdowns and didn’t throw an interception in 115 attempts as well.

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