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ESPN Predicts Falcons Acquire Potential Franchise QB in ‘Bold Move’

With the No. 8 selection in the first round for the third year in a row, the Atlanta Falcons appear to be stuck in quarterback purgatory. That is, unless they do something bold. As it turns out, on February 23, ESPN’s Aaron Schatz projected the Falcons to make a bold trade for Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields.

“Fields had a higher QBR than Ridder last season, but it was close, 46.1 to 40.0,” Schatz wrote. “Fields still isn’t great as a passer and takes too many sacks, but there’s upside that Ridder simply does not have.

“Zac Robinson is a promising young offensive coordinator, and you wonder what Fields could do in a Sean McVay-inspired offensive scheme.”

Fields, as the media documented heading into the 2021 NFL draft, also possesses a local connection to the Falcons. Fields is from Kennesaw and began his college career at Georgia.

QBR isn’t a particularly useful stat (not to me, anyway). But Fields’ QBR being close to Ridder’s is a clear indication that Fields is far from a finished product.

Like Ridder, Fields has struggled with ball security. Fields has thrown 30 interceptions and fumbled 38 times in 40 NFL games. He led the NFL with 16 fumbles and 55 sacks in 2022.

Still, Fields is a preferred option over Ridder because of his upside. And behind center, upside is practically a requirement for winning in the NFL.

The Bears drafted Fields at No. 11 overall in the first round of the 2021 NFL draft. Ironically, the Falcons passed on him at No. 4, where they selected tight end Kyle Pitts.

On February 21, ESPN’s Fields Yates proposed the Falcons trading their 2024 second-round pick for Fields.

But other media pundits are still connecting Atlanta to other potentially available quarterbacks such as Kirk Cousins.

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