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Falcons’ Arthur Blank Delivers Message on Offensive Struggles

The Atlanta Falcons posted their second straight game with 400 offensive yards in Week 6. But as the cliché goes, stats can be misleading.

In many ways, the Falcons offense took a step backwards against the Washington Commanders on Sunday. The unit averaged only 3.7 yards per rush and converted only 33.3% of its third-down opportunities. The Falcons also turned the ball over 3 times.

All three of those turnovers were quarterback Desmond Ridder interceptions.

If it hasn’t been one issue, it’s been something else troubling the Falcons offense. They have committed multiple giveaways in three straight games.

In the first three weeks of the season, the Falcons had zero or one turnover. But, they failed to reach 225 yards of offense in two of those contests.

Through six weeks, the Falcons are 18th in passing yards and tied for seventh in giveaways. Those struggles point back to Ridder, but Falcons owner Arthur Blank argued in an appearance for 92.9 The Game on Monday that the coaching staff may share equal blame.

“It was pretty clear, I think, it wasn’t a tight business operation in the fourth quarter yesterday,” Blank said. “Whether that sits with the coaching staff, with the players or whatever, there’s a variety of things that go in to that.

“They’re studying that today and trying to figure out and trying to get better.”

As far as Ridder, Blank noted that he’s been “growing and getting better every week” with Sunday being an exception.

Ridder completed 28 of 47 passes for 307 yards and 2 touchdowns versus the Commanders, but his 3 interceptions were costly. All 3 came in the second half.

It was a particularly disappointing performance for Ridder because he appeared to take a step forward the previous Sunday against the Houston Texans. In that contest, he completed 75.7% of his passes for 329 yards and 1 touchdown. He had zero interceptions.

On Monday, Blank called the performance “probably his best game as a professional.”

The good news for the Falcons is every other team in the NFC South also lost in Week 6. Therefore, there’s plenty of time for the team’s offense to fix its issues.

“It’s a long season. It is a marathon. It’s 17 games. We’ve only played 6,” Blank said during his radio appearance. “We need to play better and with more consistency on offense to be as competitive as we know we can be and should be.”

But, Ridder has yet to win a road game as an NFL starter. Three of Atlanta’s next four games are on the road before the team’s bye in Week 11.

14 Replies to “Falcons’ Arthur Blank Delivers Message on Offensive Struggles

  1. Problem starts at top. Why do you keep Rich McKay, team president for 20 + years.
    He hires the GM, who hires the coach etc.
    Insanity is doing same thing over and over and expecting different results. Think outside the box and get creative to get ahead instead of always being behind and clueless.

    1. I’m willing to see how this season plays out. I don’t consider this a Super Bowl contender this year. My expectations were 10-7, if they have some bumps in the road getting there, so be it. But they need to be within a game of that number at the end of the season, or it’s going to get uncomfortable in Atlanta. And Yes… Arthur Blank’s biggest weakness is his loyalty to guys who aren’t getting the job done. Appreciate the comment!

      1. Amen!! Too loyal. Arthur Blank is 81!!! Tomorrow is not promised to anyone but doesn’t he want to see a superbowl before it’s too late???

    2. So true. Arthur Smith needs to be fired and Ridder benched. We losing against Tampa. No road wins and it’s a division game. Start Heineke

  2. Ridder is not it bench him. Try something else. The coach bench him too with those bad plays. Defense on point. We need a quarterback.

    1. Yeah, I’m not quite there yet, but I understand why a lot of people are. At 3-3, I’m still willing to see how this season plays out. I don’t consider this a contending team, so I can have some patience.


        1. I don’t doubt Blank’s intentions of trying to build something for the fans, but he hung on to Thomas Dimotroff for 5 years too long and it’s taken time to climb out of that hole. This should be a playoff year and if it’s not, he needs to have tough questions for Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot. Appreciate you checking in.

  3. Down 17-10. Lets score and go for two so if we don’t make it , we gotta make it iifwe score another td to tie. Yeah that makes a lot of sense and keeps momentum going.. Very dumb call

  4. I agree that Ridder should be sat down, but don’t start Heineke, another proven non-winner. Let’s see Woodside under center.

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