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Falcons Free Agent Foye Oluokun Cashes In

The Atlanta Falcons have lost free agent linebacker Foye Oluokun to the Jacksonville Jaguars in a stunning free agent deal.

Ian Rapoport had the news on Twitter.

“The Jaguars are in agreement on a long-term deal with standout LB Foye Oluokun, per (agent AJ Vaynerchuk),” wrote Rapoport. “A former 6th rounder from Yale(!) hits it big. He gets 3 years, $45M with upside to $46.5M. There is $28M fully guaranteed at signing.”

Oluokun hit it big indeed.

As a sixth-round draft pick, Oluokun originally signed a four-year deal with the Falcons. His base compensation jumped from $750,000 in 2020 to $2.2 million in 2021. His compensation nearly tripled last season, and it will go up by a factor of seven this year.

Oluokun led the NFL in tackles in 2021 with 192. Ironically, the league’s third-leading tackler, Bobby Wagner of the Seattle Seahawks, was released last week after making similar money to what Oluokun signed for.

One of the big differences… Oluokun is 26 and Wagner will be 32 in June.

The Falcons have holes all over their roster and it was becoming clear as free agency approached that there would be another one in the middle. The Falcons couldn’t come close to matching the offer that the Jaguars presented him.

The Falcons have made a series of moves recently to clear up much-needed cap space including restructuring Matt Ryan’s contract, and they have six of the first 151 picks in the NFL Draft.

Linebacker just became a bigger priority.

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