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Falcons planning to use option on Calvin Ridley

Calvin Ridley has had a terrific start to his Falcons career with over 3,000 yards in his first three seasons. The 26 year old receiver is expected to have his fifth year option picked up by the Falcons. 

Update – The Falcons made it official on May 3rd when they announced they picked up the option for Ridley.

Picking up Ridley’s option was a formality for the talented wide receiver.

When speaking of Atlanta Falcons salary cap woes, Ridley’s contract is rarely mentioned, but it needs to be taken into consideration. For a premier wide receiver, he’s cheap, real cheap.

And that’s not going to last.

Ridley will make $3.5M in 2021 and the option year will see his pay rise to $11.1M according to SportRac.

Age may play a factor into his second contract. Ridley entered the NFL as a 23 year old rookie and will enter free agency at 28, but he’ll still be worth a bump on his $11.1M 2022 salary.

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