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Falcons ‘Someone to Watch’ if QB Remains on Board at No. 8

SB Nation’s Kevin Knight labeled the Atlanta Falcons “definitely someone to watch” if one of the top quarterbacks in the 2023 draft class is still available at No. 8 overall.

But not as a team to watch because they could take a signal caller. Knight identified the Falcons as a possible team the Houston Texans could trade with to move back into the top 10.

“If Texans don’t take a QB at 2, they’re definitely someone to watch,” Knight wrote on Twitter. “For a trade-up with the Falcons if a QB remains on the board at 8.”

For much of the offseason, NFL mock drafts have predicted the Texans to select a quarterback at No. 2 overall. But on April 17, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that NFL teams expected Houston to pass on a quarterback at 2.

The Texans, though, also hold the No. 12 selection because of the Deshaun Watson trade from last year. So if one of the top quarterbacks falls to the Falcons, the Texans could be interested in acquiring another top 10 pick.

A top quarterback falling to No. 8 seemed highly unlikely not too long ago. There was even some speculation this offseason that the top four picks could all be signal callers.

But C.J. Stroud’s stock could fall because of his reported S2 Cognition Test score. There’s also enough uncertainty around Will Levis and Anthony Richardson that a drop out of the top 7 is a possibility for them too.

A trade back for the Falcons could be exactly what general manager Terry Fontenot wants.

One of the more popular possible draft picks among Falcons fans this offseason has been running back Bijan Robinson. If that’s Fontenot’s top choice, the Falcons could take a risk, hoping Robinson is available at 12.

The general expectation is that Robinson will still be on the board at No. 12. So trading with the Texans could result in the Falcons getting Robinson and another player.

Falcons fans will have to wait to see how the first seven picks unfold to see if this scenario is a possibility.

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