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How Much are the Atlanta Falcons Worth?

The Atlanta Falcons are worth $3.88 Billion according to a new estimate released by Sportico.

The Falcons valuation places them mid-tier among NFL franchises at 17th in the league, but just below the league average of $4.14 billion.

The Dallas Cowboys topped the list at $7.64 billion, and the Falcons were first in the NFC South head of the Carolina Panthers ($3.36B), Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($3.28B) and New Orleans Saints ($3.26B).

The NFL has been an excellent investment for all owners including Falcons’ owner Arthur Blank.

Blank bought the floundering franchise from the Rankin Smith family in December of 2002 for an estimated $545 million.

The Falcons are worth at least seven times that amount 20 years later.

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The estimates could be considered on the low side as well. The Denver Broncos recently sold for $4.65 billion in a sale that finalizes next week. Denver is only the 16th largest media market in the United States, but they have a valuation that puts them in the top 10.

Atlanta has grown steadily since the team was founded in 1965 and is now the seventh largest media market according to Sports Media Watch.

Market size isn’t the only factor into determining franchise value, but it’s arguably the biggest factor.

NFL franchise values soared in recent years. Sportico estimates the Falcons value has risen 18% in the last year alone. Meaning the value of the Falcons has risen roughly $600 million in the last year… in a pandemic.

Fans and media like to pay particular attention to the money going to player contracts, but there’s plenty of money to go around. Even if the Falcons broke even in revenue last year, they were up $600 million in equity alone.

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