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NFL Slaps Falcons Fans With Super Bowl Replay on Twitter

The Atlanta Falcons will open the 2023 NFL season in less than two months. But 60 days is a long time to wait for network that strives to entertain around the clock.

So to cut down the time between now and NFL training camp, the league elected to post the entire original Super Bowl LI live broadcast on its Twitter account.

If Falcons fans only rewatched the first two and a half quarters, they would be fine. Anymore than that, though, and they would have re-witnessed the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history from Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

From the Falcons’ perspective, it was the biggest choke in NFL history.

That’s not exactly what Atlanta sports fans wanted to see on Twitter as they prepared to watch eight Braves players appear in the MLB All-Star Game. The most irate Falcons fans let the NFL know about their angry over their game choice on Twitter.

There apparently was so much hate from Falcons fans on Twitter over the NFL posting Super Bowl LI that the league deleted the post containing the replay of the game.

That, however, didn’t stop other fans from having fun at the Falcons’ expense.

New Orleans Saints fans appeared to be relishing in the replay the most. Even the Saints official Twitter account shared a post about the replay.

After those exchanges on Twitter, the new season probably can’t come soon enough for Falcons fans. The good news is the team will at least be on the field again in a couple weeks.

The Falcons will hold their first open practice of training camp on July 27. The team will play its first preseason game on August 11.

Atlanta faces the Carolina Panthers in the season opener on September 10.